2022 Cleveland Critique & Competition Announcement

The Cleveland Arts Performance Ensemble, the parents, and the sponsors would all like to thank each school for attending the 2022 C&C event. Unfortunately, we encountered an early season scoring issue that affected the results announced at the event. This was an NCBA error and affected all NCBA events held that day.

I am writing to you today to share that after the awards ceremony an error in the spreadsheet calculation for Music Performance Ensemble and Music Performance Individual was discovered for classes 3A, 4A, and 5A. We know that the calculation error was for all NCBA shows on Saturday, September 24, 2022. I take full responsibility for the error and apologize for not catching it.

... With the calculations working correctly there were changes to results.

  • Class 5A: 2nd Place Music - Carteret Collective
  • Class 5A: 1st Place Music - Smithfield Selma
  • Class 4A: Overall 2nd Place Band - West Johnson HS
  • Class 4A: Overall 1st Place Band - Corinth Holders HS

Chuck Stanfill Memorial Cup Overall Grand Champion: Carteret Collective

... I wish to thank you for coming to Cleveland HS yesterday and again apologize for the calculation error. I appreciate your grace and Understanding.

Richard Holmes
Chief Judge

The directors of the Cleveland Arts Performance Ensemble, the CAPE Board, Sponsors, and Cleveland band families thank all the bands involved for your understanding as well. It was an amazing day filled with exceptional performances.

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