• Support Your Band

    Even during good budget years, the county is only able to offer minimal financial support for the band and fine arts programs. Due to the enactment of budget cuts, the need for financial assistance is greater than ever.

    To ensure that Cleveland High band students have the opportunity to fully develop their musical, performing and visual skill sets, and to have educational and life learning experiences, band parents and students participate in various fundraising activities. The monies raised at these events assist our students by providing funding for the purchase of instruments, sheet music, and equipment; the hiring of instructional staff, and paying the various travel-related expenses associated with competitions and performances. As the band program continues to add students, there is a need to supplement the current fundraising revenue to help pay for the cost of additional uniforms, additional instruments, sheet music and increased transportation costs.

    The financial support of our sponsors will help to offset some of these costs. However, additional corporate and community support is necessary to ensure that we are able to continue to offer educational and lifelong learning experiences for these students.

    You or your company can support the Cleveland High School Band program by making a tax-deductible donation today. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated.


Donations made to the BPA General Fund will not be directed to a specific student:

Individual Student Sponsorships are also available: